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Filters are a major integral part of any aquarium or pond system. All filters do two things, firstly they remove particle debris from the aquarium or pond and secondly once matured they have a biological action, which naturally breaks down fish waste. There are many materials and techniques involved in filter designs, the first is the very simple air driven sponge units, these are very effective in small aquaria, especially for the aquarist that likes to breed his or her fishes, where the matured sponge filter will provide the ideal dining table for small fry. Similarly the internal air driven Box filter is a very efficient method of keeping the water in small aquaria clean and clear. Moving up the scale the next filter type is the internal power filter, these have built in electric pumps to draw the aquarium water through the filtering material. These have the advantage over air driven filters in that they draw a greater volume of water through the filtering material. The ultimate and most sophisticated are the external canister filters; these come in a range of sizes and output to suit just about any application. Here at Midland Waterlife we aim to provide a full and comprehensive range of filters, accessories, spare parts and consumables, to ensure that your tropical fresh water, tropical marine or for your outside pond systems are fully maintained.

Eheim filters

The German company Eheim has a reputation of producing some of the most reliable filters in the world; they are one of the worlds oldest filter manufacturers, with innovative designs to suit just about every application. We aim to be able to supply your every need from the very efficient and compact internal 2206 ‘Aquaball’ to the large professional 2327 Wet & Dry external canister.

Eheim parts

Being able to obtain spare parts and accessories is essential for any aquarist and by maintaining a full range of Eheim essential components and consumables we aim to be able to supply your every need, be it a new impeller shaft or just a set of replacement sponges.

Fluval filters

The Canadian company Rolf C. Hagen have been producing an extensive range of filters for many many years, which are arguably the world’s most popular and widely used range of aquarium filters and power heads. They range in size from the smallest Elite mini filter suitable for aquaria as small as 11 liters, up to the largest top of the range FX5 capable of filtering aquaria up to 1,500 liters. The range of Power heads is also very good, from the Fluval Aquaclear 20 @ 476 liters per hour to the impressive Aquaclear 110 @ a staggering 4,091 liters per hour.

Fluval parts

Having such a wide range of filtering and water moving products it is essential to provide a full range of spare parts and accessories. Here at Midland Waterlife we have an extensive range of Fluval parts and provide a quick and efficient spares and accessory service.

Marine fish tank

Today there are quite a number of aquarium manufacturers producing a wide range of fish tanks to suit every requirement. This is even more evident in the world of Tropical Marine aquaria, with some manufactures specializing in efficient marine only designs having built in filtration systems and skimmers. We can suply a wide range of aquaria suitable for marine fishes from the popular Nano Cube to a full Refugium system and can assure potential customers of the best possible deals and support around.

Marine accessory

As with the development in salt-water aquarium technology, equipment has also been improved and developed at an alarming rate, making keeping and in some cases breeding marine fishes a lot less stressful experience. We carry a wide range of marine accessories from hydrometers to protein skimmers and hi-tech halide lighting.

Tropical fish aquarium

Many of today’s aquarium manufacturers produce a wide range of aquariums, which are suitable to house both fresh water and salt water fishes, but because of the tremendous amount of competition between manufacturers, it is therefore you the customer that ultimately benefits in both price and value for money. Even the smallest aquaria come complete with a filter, hood and lighting and with larger set-ups the whole package can consist of the aquarium, the stand or cabinet it sits on, external canister filter, heater and lighting. Basically the only thing left to add is water substrate and fishes. We have a fairly large aquarium display area where we show a wide range of designs and styles, including fully matured demonstration models to show what can be achieved in the confines of an aquarium and our staff are full qualified to advise on all aspects of keeping and setting up tropical aquariums.

Pond accessory

Just as with the development in aquarium technology keeping pond fishes has never been easier, the equipment now available is extensive, with small pre-formed resin based ponds to the high tech rubber compound liners, which have lifetime guarantees. The same goes for pond filtration systems; these again can be very simple boxes containing filter sponges with submersed pumps to push the water through, to highly developed pressurised devices containing ultraviolet sterilisation units. There are many other accessories that may be needed to keep your expensive Koi safe from that marauding heron, such as fine almost invisible pond netting. Or may be you would like to add a touch of glamour and install a set of submersible lights to highlight the pond on warm summer night.

Coldwater fish

There is a wide range of coldwater fish suitable for the outside pond; some of these may seem a little bazaar in shape and form and were originally developed hundreds of years ago in China. Forms such as the Lion Head, Pearl Scale, Bubble Eye and Oranda, these all have a twin tail and can look very elegant. Then we have the Japanese influence with Koi carp, these come in a variety of colour’s and pattern with peculiar sounding names like, Taisho Sanke, Kohaku or Utsuri Mono and there are others species such as Sturgeon or Green Tench and of course there is the humble Gold fish. Our range of coldwater fish is extensive and most types come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. We buy all our coldwater fishes from vetted reputable suppliers from around the world and pride ourselves on quality and service.

Hozelock parts

When it comes the equipment for ponds, whether it is a simple hose connection of a top quality filter system Hozelock is one of the first names that come to mind. They produce a comprehensive rang of top quality products not only for the outdoor pond, but also for anything to do with garden irrigation. There interchangeability of parts and components means that just about any conceivable configuration can be achieved.

Laguna pumps

Laguna are synonymous with water pumps, especially for the water garden, they produce a range of submersible pumps to suit every need, be it a simple low volume trickling water feature or a l high volume needed for a large pond. Some are designed specifically for filter systems, others are combination units, which incorporate fountain attachments.

Pond filtration

Blagdon are one of the leading manufacturers of garden pond products and produce a wide range of top quality filtration and clarifying systems to suit small and large ponds alike. Their products are designed and manufactured to a very high standard ensuring a long product life the best possible value for money.

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