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For over 40 years, Seachem has been a company rooted in sound science. Our experience in the hobby and an educated staff of chemists and biologists are part of the package when you purchase Seachem products. Seachem remains as one of the few surviving independent and privately owned pet care companies. Seachem is owned and operated by hobbyists. All of our employees are hobbyists who maintain aquariums at home and at the office. Seachem itself was started because one such passionate hobbyist – Dr. Leo G. Morin (Founder) – recognized that the available solutions to aquarists’ problems were wanting. This resulted in Seachem’s very first product: Cupraplex™ (today known as Cupramine™). Over thirty years later, Seachem is still approaching old problems in a new way.


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Prime


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Flourish Excel


Seachem External Filter Media

Seachem PhosGuard


Seachem External Filter Media

Seachem Zeolite


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Stability

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Aquarium Additives

Seachem Sure Start



Seachem pH Checker


Air Accessories

Seachem U-Tube



Seachem Flourite


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Equilibrium


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Acid Buffer


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Alkaline Buffer


Aquarium Additives

Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

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