Looking for air pumps and accessories? We stock a wide range of air pumps and accessories for your pond and koi needs. Check out our range of stock here.

Pond Air Pumps and Spares

Pond air pumps and spares play a crucial role in the maintenance of garden ponds and outdoor aquariums. Essentially preserving wildlife and the overall appearance of ponds, we highly recommend investing in a quality pond air pump. Whether you are building your first pond or looking to take advantage of new accessories that will keep your current pond in top condition, our pond air pumps and spares can assist you.

Our Pond Air Pumps 

At Midland Waterlife, our pond air pump range includes a Hozelock Air Pump, Hi-Blow Pond Air Pump and Boyu Pond Air Pump. Fully weatherproof, reliable, and suitable for small, medium, and large garden ponds that are home to fish such as Koi, our pond air pumps range from £33.00 - £715.00. If you are looking to purchase a solar air pump, our Hozelock Solar Air Pump can cater to your needs. Offering instant results, this particular pond air pump supplies oxygen and improves water quality.

We also stock several pond air pump accessories such as spares kits, giant can air stones, air lines, air stones, and Koi Japanese air stone balls. Our pond air pump accessories can be purchased for as little as £0.46 to enhance the effectiveness of our pond air pumps.

Benefits Of Investing In A Pond Air Pump

Pond air pumps ensure that ponds remain in top condition.  However, a plethora of other benefits come hand-in-hand with a quality pond air pump. Below, we have shared three reasons you should invest in a pond air pump.

  1. Pond Air Pumps Prevent Ponds From Freezing Over

Maintaining ponds in the winter months can be challenging.  However, pond air pumps essentially do the hard work for you.  As oxygen is pumped into ponds and circulates in the water, pond air pumps prevent ponds from freezing over.

     2. Pond Air Pumps Enhance The Cleanliness Of Water

While filters and test kits will enable you to maintain the cleanliness of the water of your pond, pond air pumps will automatically ensure that your pond remains clean.  Pond air pumps also keep pond water clear.

     3.Pond Air Pumps Prevent The Build-Up Of Debris

Preventing the build-up of debris at the bottom of a garden pond is vital if plants and wildlife are to survive.  Ensuring that debris can be eliminated from ponds is also crucial in keeping water clean.

Pond air pumps essentially push any debris that needs removing from a pond to the top of the surface, making it easier to collect any floating debris that may otherwise have built up at the bottom of a pond.

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Irrespective of whether you are building a new garden pond or are looking for a new pond air pump to enhance the quality of your existing garden pond, here at Midlands Waterlife, we can assist you. In addition to stocking a range of quality pond air pumps, we also have aquatic air pumps and marine pumps and skimmers to select from.

To find out more about our pond air pumps, contact us today.

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