Looking for pond pump spares? We stock a wide range of products for your pond and koi needs. Check out our range of stock here.

Pond Pumps and Spares


Installed into ponds to ensure that water is well oxygenated and circulated, pond pumps and spares essentially enhance the health of garden ponds.  Pumps and spares also prevent water from settling. Whether you are currently in the process of building a garden pond or are looking to replace or upgrade your current pond pump, here at Midland Waterlife, we have a wide range of pond pumps and spares to choose from.


Pond Pumps


Our range of pond pumps have been designed to circulate water that may have a moderate amount of debris.  Many of our pond pumps can be fully submerged and are engineered for continuous use.  They additionally protect small fish, frogs, and other wildlife. Solar pumps are also available. Suitable for ponds up to 324,000 litres in size, our pond pumps range from £31.99 to £284.99 in price and include the following:



Pond Pump Spares


In the unlikely event that your pond pump breaks or becomes damaged, any damaged parts must be replaced as soon as possible.  As pond pumps are required 24 hours a day, leaving your pond without a working pump will ultimately reduce the quality of your water and could harm any wildlife. If you require pond pump spares, we can assist you. 


From impeller shafts to assembly open fans and fountain heads to valves, we currently stock 37 spares for pond pumps manufactured by Laguna.  We have an additional 19 spares, such as ball joints, pump chamber cascades, flow control and end caps and impellers, for Hozelock branded pond pumps. If your current pond pump has been manufactured by a brand not outlined above, we recommend contacting us prior to making a purchase.  In doing so, we can determine whether our pond pump spares are suitable.


Marine and Aquarium Solutions


If you require a pump or spare for an aquarium, we also have a range of air and circulation pumps and spares that are suitable for small, medium and large aquariums. Including Fluval pumps, Aqua One pumps, Interpet Pumps and Tetra Pumps, our aquarium pumps and spares range from £6.99 to £49.99 in price. We additionally have a number of marine products, such as spare parts, pumps and skimmers and water treatments that stimulate natural reef currents and assist the growth of corals.


Contact Us Today


Whether you are looking for a pond pump, pond spare, marine pump or a pump for your aquarium, our range of products are sure to cater to your needs. If you would like to seek our advice and guidance prior to purchasing, we welcome you to get in touch via our contact us page today. With over 40 years of experience, we are confident that we can help you find an appropriate pump or spare solution.

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