Power GLO T5/T8 Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb


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The Power-GLO T5/T8 linear fluorescent aquarium bulb delivers a super bright, bluish white light with a high-colour temperature (18000K). The bulb is great for simulating open water lighting conditions as well as for providing a beneficial spectrum for a variety of freshwater and marine aquariums. The super bright light has a strong blue spectral range that intensifies fish and coral colours. It is ideal for supporting photosynthetic corals, invertebrates and other marine life as well as for marine and African cichlid aquariums. The normal output bulb fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts.

Available in:

8w 30cm (12″) (T5)
14w 38cm (15″)
15w 46cm (18″)
20w 61cm (24″)
25w 76cm (30″)
30w 91cm (36″)
40w 107cm (42″)
40w 122cm (48″)



GLO is devoted to providing industry-leading lighting solutions for fresh and salt water aquariums by using the latest innovations and technologies. From high output to normal output fluorescent bulbs to electronic ballasts, GLO delivers easy-to-install, flexible and effective lighting solutions. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hobbyist, have a freshwater tank full of plants or a reef aquarium, GLO’s unrivalled natural lighting brings out the best in your aquatic environment.

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8w 30cm, 14w 38cm, 15w 46cm, 20w 61cm, 25w 76cm, 30w 91cm, 40w 107cm, 40w 122cm