Sun GLO T8 Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb


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The Sun-GLO T8 linear fluorescent aquarium bulb generates a natural-looking daylight spectrum with a refreshing natural white light for a balanced and natural look to any aquarium. Sun-GLO is an excellent aquarium bulb for emitting a warm white light that is most suited to freshwater community setups. This normal output bulb has a colour temperature of 4200K and fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts

Available in:
14w 38cm (15″)
15w 46cm (18″)
20w 61cm (24″)
25w 76cm (30″)
30w 91cm (36″)
40w 107cm (42″)



GLO is devoted to providing industry-leading lighting solutions for fresh and salt water aquariums by using the latest innovations and technologies. From high output to normal output fluorescent bulbs to electronic ballasts, GLO delivers easy-to-install, flexible and effective lighting solutions. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hobbyist, have a freshwater tank full of plants or a reef aquarium, GLO’s unrivalled natural lighting brings out the best in your aquatic environment.

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14w, 15w, 20w, 25w, 30w, 40w