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Tetra has been around since 1951. They are largest global manufacturer of ornamental fish food & a global authority on the subject.

Aquarium Additives

Tetra AquaSafe


Tropical Food

Tetra Wafer Mix


Aquarium Test Kits

Tetra Test 6 in 1 Test Strip

Out of stock

Internal Power Filter

Tetra EasyCrystal Filter


Air Accessories

Aquarium Airstone 2″


Aquarium Test Kits

Tetra Test Oxygen Test Kit


Aquarium Additives

Tetra Easy Balance


Air Accessories

Tetra CV4 Check Valve


Aquarium Test Kits

Tetra Test Ph Test Kits


Aquarium Test Kits

Tetra Test Nitrite Kit


Tetra Internal Filter Media

Tetra Easy Crystal Filter 3 Pack C100


Pond Treatments

Tetra Pond Sludge Remover


Fish Care & Medication

Tetra Goldmed 100ml


Tropical Food

Tetra Prima Granules

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