Looking for pond filters? We stock a wide range of pond filters & spares for your pond and koi needs. Check out our range of stock here.

Pond Filters, Spares and Media


Pond filters, spaces and media cater to small, medium, and large ponds and Koi needs.  Ranging from all-in-one filters to pond filter boxes, pond filters preserve the cleanliness of ponds, ensuring that they are free from toxins, bacterial and other harmful particles that could otherwise harm the quality of your pond. Although many garden pond owners will consider building a homemade pond filter, investing in a quality pond filter, such as the ones we have in stock, is recommended due to the benefits they provide.

To provide greater insight into our range of garden pond filters, spares, and media, we have shared a wealth of information with you below.


Our Range Pond Filters


At Midland Waterlife, we have various pond filters available to select from.  Our current range includes Fibreglass Yamitsu Multi-Bay Filters, Hozelock Pond Filters, Oase pond filters Blagdon pond filters and Laguna Pond Filters.

Varying in size, our Fibreglass Yamitsu Multi-Bay Filters offer maximum filtration.  Ideal for garden ponds that are home to Koi fish and other wildlife, these filters come complete with all accessories and media, and can pump up to 7,500 litres per hour. Though each of our pond filters are highly efficient, the filter you require will be dependent on the size of your pond.  This is because your pond filter must be of the right size for the size of the pond, some ponds require multiple filters to achieve a good job

If you are yet to purchase your pond pump, our all-in-one Hozelock Pond Filter or Oase pond filter can cater to your needs. These specific pumps combine a pump, filter, and UVC that can be fully submerged into ponds to increase oxygen levels and maintain the upkeep of garden ponds.


Pond Filter Box Spares and Media


Pond filter box spares are often required to keep pond filters in working order.  Additionally, pond filter media must be cleaned every one to two weeks depending on stocking levels of fish. Varying from Kockney Koi filter brushes and matting to Laguna multi replacement filter form and service kits, you can view our selection of pond filter box spares and media here. If you have previously purchased a pond filter and have noticed that the quality of your filter is not what it once was, we can advise you on the spares and media you require.


Contact Us Today For Pond Filters, Spares and Media


At Midland Waterlife, we have over 40 years of experience.  Recognised as a trusted Aquatic and Pond centre, we are here to assist you as best as we can. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your pond filter, spares, and media needs, we welcome you to get in touch by phone on 01527 879207. Likewise, if you require aquarium filters, spares and media, or marine filters spares and media, we can help you find a suitable solution.

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