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Pond Lights

By fitting pond lights into and around your pond you can really bring your pond and garden to life. They add an extra dimension to your pond, bringing light and colour to your garden. They also let you enjoy your pond after darkness falls, illuminating the water and any fish that live there.

The range of pond lights that are available has grown considerably over recent years, and they can be used in a variety of ways to bring light and colour to your pond area. From solar pond lights and LED pond lights to submersible pond lights and floating pond lights, all can be used to create a magical atmosphere around your pond. Lighting can be used around the edge of the pond, in your pond, above or underwater, and you can even fit a pond fountain with lights.

How to use pond lights

There’s a range of different ways that you can use pond lighting to have a maximum impact on your garden. Uplighting works well if you have lots of tall plants, grasses, reeds, shrubs or trees around your pond feature. It can be used to highlight particular plants or other aspects of your pond.

As well as illuminating your pond, uplights can create a great atmosphere in your garden, perfect for those long summer nights. If you have a water feature, then directing lights at your water can catch the bubbles and highlight the water to create an enchanting effect. PondXpert Pondolight 3 Halogen Pond Lights can be used for uplighting and can be sited either in or out of the water.See all our Halogen lights>

As the name suggests, downlight cast their light downwards over your pond or other features. Fixing a few lights to key places can completely change how your pond and garden look. You can use angled lights above the pond, or you might wish to opt for something highly decorative such as the PondXpert Solar Light Bulb Set. This is a cheerful set of retro-inspired lightbulb solar hanging lights. With an integrated solar panel, they’re fully weatherproof and the lights automatically illuminate the light at dusk.

A striking way to use light in your pond and to introduce a new element to your set-up is through an illuminated water feature. This adds movement, light and sound to your pond and gives your garden an added new dimension. The PondXpert SolarShower with Battery & LED is powered by the sun and creates a great fountain display. Bright white LED lights illuminate your fountain automatically at dusk. A backup lithium battery stores power from the solar panels that can be used when it’s required. The battery pack can also be powered up from the mains if it’s required.

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