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The water in your aquarium needs to have oxygen introduced regularly in order for your fish to breathe. The air pump for a fish tank keeps a steady water movement so fresh air can get in and noxious gases can get out. The fish tank filter pump keeps the aquarium ecosystem safe and healthy for your fish, without needing constant input from yourself.

What kind of products are in this category?

The type of aquarium pumps available range in design and output, a general rule would be the bigger the tank, the higher the power output needed from the air pump. You don’t always need to replace the entire fish tank pump if a part fails, you can also buy spare parts for different components.

Aqua One O2 Pod Air Pump

One of the more stylish fish tank filter pumps, it is also quiet and easy to introduce. Most aquarium air pumps need to be hidden due to their aesthetics, that is not the case for the Aqua One O2 Pod Air Pump. There are 2 models available depending on how much water you want to move per hour.

Tetra APS Air Pump

For the quietest aquarium air pump, the Tetra APS Air Pump is a stylish and reliable fish tank pump that you will struggle to hear. You can adjust the air flow using the included air tap and it comes in 5 different models from small to large fish tanks.

Fluval Q.5 Air Pump

Another great solution for power to price ratio, this fish tank filter is quiet, and works in tanks up to 190 litres. The Fluval Q.5 Air Pump uses an advanced swing-arm and diaphragm design to move the most consistent flow of water for the ultimate oxygenation. It also has a double walled casing, to make this one of the quietest aquarium air pumps on the market.

Marina 200 Aeration Kit

The ultimate all in one solution, one of the quietest aquarium air pumps on the market, the Marina 200 can work with tanks up to 225 litres! Cost effective and easier to use, this fish tank pump is ideal for beginners and masters alike.

What other products can help the air pump for your fish tank?

Midlands Waterlife also offer a range of spares and additional aeration products that either capture, or aid in the flow of the oxygen through the water. Spare parts are a more cost-effective way to get your existing pump up and running; when it is possible to do so.

Aqua One Stellar 200 Diaphragm

The diaphragm will unfortunately need replacing at some point, but that doesn’t mean replacing the entire unit. The Aqua One Stelar 200 Diaphragm is the genuine product made for the Aqua one pump range and is the industry standard even after all these years.

Fluval Q.5 Air Pump Repair Module

The diaphragm needs replacing to keep your aquarium air pump working effectively. If you leave it too long then the pump may break and it will cost more to replace the entire unit; the ecosystem could also cause harm to your fish!

Why should you come to Midlands Waterlife for your air pump for you fish tank?

We have been supplying the fish enthusiast community in Bromsgrove since 1984 and we proud of our extensive knowledge and excellent products! Come speak to us today to get the right aquarium air pump for your favourite fish!