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Food & Feeders

If you have fish in your pond then it’s important to remember to feed them. Feeding the fish in your pond is usually a speedy task, but one that can be easy to forget. Luckily, fish feeders are available that ensure that your fish are fed the correct amounts of food regularly.

A food feeder makes feeding fish easy

A simple solution to ensure that you never forget to feed your fish is to use a food feeder. These are automatic feeders that dispense fish food on a regular schedule. They’re versatile and can be adapted to different requirements and feeding schedules. Food feeders hold large amounts of food and a timer controls how often the fish are fed. Some are programmable, allowing the feeder to be set to dispense feed numerous times during the day. They make it easy to keep your fish fed according to the appropriate schedule.

Regular feeding ensures healthy fish

Automatic fish feeders take the chance out of feeding fish and can significantly improve their overall health. Over or underfeeding fish can be a real problem when caring for fish, and l pondlife health is highly dependent on getting it right. Feeding needs to be regular and controlled, and an automatic feeder makes it easy to do just that. It takes all the error away, ensuring that whether you’re at home or away, your fish will be properly fed and healthy.

Pond & Aquarium options

Pond fish feeders come in a variety of different options and sizes. They can be used in both aquariums and ponds and can deliver food to every kind of fish. Just put the appropriate amount of your usual fish food into the feeder and the feeder will do the rest. Automatic pond fish feeders use technology to automate the feeding of fish. Alternatively, food blocks can be used which is a manual solution that is ideal when going on holiday. These are large chunks of fish food and are designed to take time to eat. This means that fish will only be able to eat so much food every day. Automatic feeders are a long term solution, while food blocks make a practical solution if you are away for a week or so. A koi pond fish feeder is an ideal solution for your koi carp pond, and fish food balls encourage your fish to swim for longer as they chase the ball in search of food.

What to look for in a pond feeder

It’s important to know what you need from the feeder before you make your choice. If you need your fish to be fed regularly during the day with different types of food, then a more advanced feeder might be appropriate. You should also think about the power source for your feeder.

Food and feeders from Midland Waterlife

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