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Pond filter box


Pond filter boxes are an essential component of any pond that contains a number of fish. They help to remove waste products from the pond, as well as any plant debris that can accumulate over time. As a result, they help to keep the water clear and the ecosystem in the pond remains in much better balance, helping to create a much healthier environment for any fish that live there.

What is a pond filter box?

A pond filter box or fish pond box works like a mini sewage and water filtration system for a pond. Helpful bacteria helps to break invisible toxins that are produced either directly from the fish themselves or are a product of decaying physical waste such as fish faeces, excess food or organic material that settles at the bottom of the pond.


Why might you use a pond filter box

If you keep fish in your pond then you will need to ensure that the water is kept clean and free from contaminants and toxins that in time can build up and cause a serious health threat to your fish. No matter what the size of your pond, if there are fish present then a pond filter box can help ensure that the environment in which the fish live is healthy and clean.

A range of pond filter boxes are available from Midland Waterlife

A range of pond filter and fish filter boxes are available from Midland Waterlife. These can meet the requirements of a wide variety of different settings and sizes of ponds.

The Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Filter offers advanced pressurised filtration and features a UV clarifier. One advantage of this filter is that it incorporates a completely unique, no fuss cleaning system. The three step filter process guarantees clear and healthy water.

A great alternative is the Laguna Flo Pressurised Pond Filter with UVC Filter. This provides a range of crucial water filtration functions that are essential for everyday pond maintenance. As well as UVC sterilisation, it also ensures mechanical filtration. One of the aspects that separates this model from some of the alternatives is the Easy Clean Backwash-Cleaning System. This is unique and patented to Laguna, completely cleaning the entire surface of the foam filters.

The Yamistu Black Box Small Basic Filter is ideal for smaller garden ponds up to 5500 litres depending on the fish stocking density. They come complete with one of the most comprehensive media packages on the market, that makes the installation straightforward. They offer a very high level of biological and mechanical filtration. Every pond filter box in the Yamistu Black Box range has the facility to clean out the spray to cope with the current trend for dirty water pumps that can handle up to 8mm solids.

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