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Solar Pond Pumps for your outdoor pond is a great addition as well being environmentally friendly they save on energy costs.

What is a solar pond pump?

The water in your pond needs to be oxygenated in order to sustain the fish you have in the pond. An air pump regularly reoxygenates the water, and they usually require a form of power. A solar air pump offers a cost-effective way to keep a flow of air in the pond. Simply place the solar panel with a clear line of sight to the Sun, and you have a zero running cost solution to improving your fishes’ health.

Why should you consider a solar powered pond pump?


After the initial outlay of cost, there is no additional running costs. The panels convert the solar energy into electricity. This does mean that without a battery supply, the solar air pump only works during the day. This is usually sufficient, but you can pay more upfront to include a battery.


As the solar powered pond pump doesn’t require electricity from the power grid, they don’t use carbon to generate power. Using the renewable source of energy from the Sun means there are less carbon emissions.

Home safety

Without the need to run power to the pond, there is a reduced risk of danger. There is no chance of a short circuit or electrocution. A solar powered pond pump is an ideal option, especially if you have children or pets.

Easy to install

The solar panels used are small and most come with a stand or ground spike attached, making them easier to install. As you don’t need to run any power lines out to the pond, the installation couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is make sure the solar panel is pointing towards the Sun, and place the pump in the water. If you opt for a solar powered pond aerator with a battery, then you will need to choose an ideal place for the battery to go.

What solar powered air pumps do Midland Waterlife offer?

PondXpert SolarShower 1600 Pump with Battery & LED

For a complete solution, that allows for water movement even when the Sun goes down, this is a great option. The SolarShower 1600 even comes with an LED light ring that can illuminate the area after dusk.

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Hozelock Solar Air Pump

The simple, yet affective, Hozelock solar air Pump is one of the easiest to install solar panel air pumps on the market. The solar panel is mounted on a spike to add stability and an angle to maximise the sunlight. It includes two air stones, and the tubing, so it can be completely set up instantly.

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Blagdon Liberty Pond Oxygenator Kit

Another battery backup solar pump, the Liberty Pond Oxygenation Kit is sleek, discrete, and cable free. It also includes two air stones and the 0.8-watt solar panel.

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What other solar powered pond accessories are there?

Looking to add more to your pond? A Solar powered fountain pump can create an eye-catching display, with no running costs. If you prefer, you can create a striking solar powered pond waterfall! Add more eco-friendly options, such as the solar powered pond filter, to keep your fish healthy and safe. Need more information? Visit us in store or call us on 01527 879207, today!