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Pond UV Clarifiers

Hozelock Vorton UVC


Pond UV Clarifiers

PondXpert Greenstop Pro UVC


Pond UV Clarifiers

PondXpert Greenstop UVC


Pond UV Clarifiers

Oase Bitron Eco UVC Clarifier


Pond UV Clarifiers

Oase Bitron C UVC Clarifier 


Pond UV Clarifiers

Oase Vitronic UVC Clarifier


Pond UV Clarifiers

Yamitsu UV Algae Master Unit


Pond UV Light


Ponds are a delicate ecosystem and require continuous care and maintenance to ensure that they are safe. This helps to provide a safe environment in which fish, plants and other pond life can happily live. There are a number of different ways that this healthy environment can be achieved and maintained, with UV systems being one of the most effective and convenient. Our Hozelock Vorton UVC is one of our UV systems.


What are UV systems and how are they used?

Pond UV light or UV filters are ultraviolet light systems that have been used for years in aquariums and ponds in an effort to help control the green water caused by algae.

It’s important to remember that UV filters are not filters in the traditional sense. They work when water from the pond is pumped through the path of the UV light they emit. This exposes the single-celled algae within your pond water to high levels of ultraviolet light. This light then destroys their DNA and kills them. This has the effect of causing the algae to clump together, making it easier to skim off and remove. So although a pond UV system doesn’t remove algae itself it does stop it in its tracks making it easier to remove and keep in check.


What look for when choosing a pond UV system


If you’re choosing a pond UV it’s important to select the correct size unit for your pond. This is to ensure that water is free to pass through the UV light at the optimum flow rate. If the water is pumped through the UV light beam too quickly, the algae won’t be exposed to the UV for long enough to kill them.

If the water is pumped through too slowly then it may not clear the pond at all. It’s possible to purchase combined filter and UV systems, but in most cases they are separate units. These are designed to be attached to the side or the top of a gravity fed external box filter.


Everything you need at Midland Waterlife


To help keep your pond healthy and clear you’ll need to team your UV filter with a number of other items. Firstly, a good pump and filter are essential and these need to be matched to the size and stocking density of your pond if you’re to achieve crystal clear water. You’ll also need to ensure that you have a safe electrical supply. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to replace your bulb at least once a year if it’s to keep working properly.

As well as UV systems, we also supply a full range of pond filters, pumps and associated accessories to help you keep your pond healthy and well maintained. Why not take a look at the pond UV systems we currently have available? We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. Call 01527 879207 or contact us online to find out more.