Hozelock Aquaforce 38mm Hosetail

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Hozelock Aquaforce 38mm Hosetail Z71017

The 38mm (1.5”) hose tail adaptor is compatible with the range of Aquaforce pumps*. This is ideal if you want to upgrade your filtration pump to an Aquaforce but do not want to replace your existing 38mm pond hose that is installed with your filtration system. * Note: Aquaforce pumps come supplied as standard with a hose tail adaptor that is suitable for 25mm (1”), 32mm (1.25”) & 40mm (1.6”) pond hose.

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When it comes the equipment for ponds, whether it is a simple hose connection of a top quality filter system Hozelock is one of the first names that come to mind. They produce a comprehensive rang of top quality products not only for the outdoor pond, but also for anything to do with garden irrigation. There interchangeability of parts and components means that just about any conceivable configuration can be achieved.