Fish food

There is a wide range of different types of food for your fish. Fish can be omnivores, carnivores or herbivores, and different fish have different requirements. Here we’ll take a look at some of the food options available for your fish and their benefits and drawbacks.


Protein-based foods for fish must contain all the essential amino acids that the fish need to thrive. The best source of these amino acids is animal protein, and in most cases, this will be fish meal. Fish meal is made from the leftover fish scraps from processing fish into different products. It’s a safe and healthy source of protein for fish. Soy is sometimes used in fish meal but can only make up to 50% of the total protein as it doesn’t contain all of the essential amino acids that fish need. Superior pellets will usually be higher in protein than cheaper products.

Treats for your fish

It can be rewarding, relaxing and fun feeding your fish by hand and it also gives the fish stimulation. Hand-feeding cakes are ideal for feeding koi and other pond fish, as too are mealworms that are natural and rich in protein. They are a great treat for your fish and can be used as part of your regular feeding schedule. They are also rich in protein and contain all the essential nutrients that your fish needs.

Winter feeding fish

During the winter months, your feeding schedule will usually reduce. Wheatgerm is used to feed fish during the winter months which helps to ensure they have enough weight as well as all of the essential nutrients that they need to stay healthy.

Fly mixes

Fly mixes are a great choice for koi, goldfish and tropical fish. This is a sustainably sourced, insect-based pond food that combines fly larvae with other fish ingredients such as salmon and shrimp. Flies and insects are an excellent choice for fish food as they play a key part in a fish’s diet in the wild. They are highly nutritious and help your fish to develop a healthy immune system.

Colour enhancing food for goldfish

To keep your goldfish looking colourful and healthy they need to have a diet that’s rich in carotenoids. These are fat-soluble pigments that give fish their red, orange and yellow colours. Fish aren’t able to make these carotenoids by themselves, so they have to come from their diet. Colour enhancing food for goldfish gives them all the nutrients they need to keep their colours looking vibrant.

Sticks and pellets prevent overfeeding

Many people prefer to use sticks and pellets to feed their fish. This makes feeding fish simple and prevents overfeeding. They’re nutritious, clean and make it easy to ensure you feed the correct amount to your fish.

An extensive range of fish food from Midland Waterlife

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